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Young Austria

Austrians in British Exile 1938 - 1947. For a free, democratic and independent Austria


Catalog from the historical-biographical exhibition of the former exile organisation Young Austria.
The exhibition catalog portrays members and their families and their political and cultural activities. Photographs show them also as members of the British Army and the Auxiliary Territorial Service and other war workers. The exhibition displays, organised by topic, include biographical information and explanations of the photographs and the other images. Some of the material is unique and unpublished and thus an important resource for students and historians.
Sonja Frank (Vienna), granddaughter of two members of Young Austria, and publisher of Young Austria, Austrians in British Exile 1938 - 1947, For a Free, Democratic and Independent Austria, has organised an exhibition about the exile organisation Young Austria in Great Britain, with support from Dr. Marietta Bearman and Prof. Charmian Brinson (Imperial College, London).
Before the outbreak of the Second World War, the Kindertransport brought 10,000 children from Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia to Britain. Many children from the Kindertransport became members of Young Austria between 1939 and 1947. Young Austria was the most important organisation for young Austrian refugees in Britain while Austria was part of the National Socialist "Third Reich".