Theodor Kramer Gesellschaft


Siglinde Bolbecher

At night (Nächtens)

Zwei Gedichte, „Nein...“ und „Nächtens“. aus dem Band „Nadelstich“ (Wien: Verlag der Theodor Kramer Gesellschaft 2013, S. 64 und 62), übersetzt von Ernst Karner

I want
nothing from you

I don’t want to see
morning coming up
nor the glow of light
late in the day
on my cheeks
being together with you
– just a handful of
happiness bodily felt
no, I want
nothing from you

not so much as steeling horses
and crossing the river on horseback
no digging up the earth and
putting up a house

but how
keep the red tambourine

how to move on
careful of one’s step
if the feet are impatient

how forget
the flow of breath
and the senses
taking it in

let the arms fall
I want nothing from you

At night

You are in town
maybe you’re drinking
some cup of tea
thumbing a book
and are pondering over things
far-off and close-by

we can meet
before night closes in
before the sun sets
it is then I will close my eyes
deep down to their liquid
in them
before I will
get up and wash myself
and go out in my
little black dress

this night will be good to me
and will send me a dream
of velvet skin
which will make it possible
for me to fly

This night is a robber
with lightning running
deep into my bare skin
If it only were some pale angel
a mother keeping watch
over me
a brother with knife and rope
hurrying to rescue me
best of all would be a female
friend having in mind
no ifs and whens

Damned night
which doesn’t do
what it’s supposed to
sprouting whispers of
tracking me down
hour after hour
maybe it’s just every second
hour at dawn, I’m thinking
I don’t know
thinking of you
the man I miss