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HINWEIS: Ukraine: 2 Years of the Russian War.

What’s at stake and what’s ahead?

24th February 2022, marks a turning point in recent European history.
Two years ago, the Russian Federation launched a war of aggression against its neighbour Ukraine, fatefully demonstrating to the world the imperial ambitions of the Russian leadership.
Since that date, large swathes of Ukraine have been devastated, the most serious war crimes have been committed and millions of people have been forced to flee their home regions. Nevertheless, the Kremlin was unable to achieve its initial war goals – Russian President Vladimir Putin significantly underestimated the resilience of Ukraine and of the West.
The panellists will discuss different narratives about “what’s at stake?” and try to assess “what’s ahead?” including ways towards peace and consequences for a future European security architecture.
During the event the publication by Oksana Stavrou, “Russlands Krieg gegen die Ukraine: Worum geht es? Fakten und Perspektiven“ (Wien 2024), supported by the Ukrainian-Austrian Association, will be presented.

Emil Brix (Director, Vienna School of International Studies)
Vasyl Khymynets (Ambassador of Ukraine to Austria)

Walter Feichtinger (President, Center for Strategic Analysis, Vienna)
Eduard Heger (Former Prime Minister, Republic of Slovakia)
Wolfgang Mueller (Professor of Russian History, University of Vienna)
Christoph Göd (NATO/Partnership for Peace Section, Military Policy Division, Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence)
Oksana Stavrou (Lawyer, author and Ukraine expert)

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